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Q: When are we open?

A: We are open by reservation.  Just call 954.435.8276 or 242.422.9109 or email us at TURTLELAKERESERVE@GMAIL.COM                     

Q: How many turtles are in the lake?

A: About 15 - 25 adults and an unknown amount of juveniles.  If you are lucky, you might spot the newly hatched babies in the lake.  

Q: Are the turtles easy to see?

A: Most of the time (but not always).  You can see them coming up for a breath, or resting on the bottom Polarized sunglasses are recommended

  1. The best tactic is to paddle very slowly in shallow water near the mangroves and look at the bottom of the lake as they rest and feed.

  2. Turtles are also frequently seen coming up for breath in the middle of the lake directly out from the dock.

  3. Sometimes the turtles are resting in deep waters and may not be seen.

Q: What is the minimum age?

A: Kids 4 years old and older are welcome with an accompanying adult.  Kids age 12 to 18 can use their own paddle board/kayak with an accompanying adult on the lake as well.

Q: How many people can fit on a kayak, paddle board or canoe?  

A: The kayaks are 14 feet long and can generally accommodate two adults and one child (i.e. aged 4 to 12).  The paddle boards range from 10.0 to 12.5 feet long, and can generally accommodate one adult and one child.  The canoe's can fit from one to three people.  

Q: Do we have life jackets?

A: Yes!  All adults and kids must wear a life jacket, as well as sign a liability form.   

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Just like any trip on Eleuthera, remember to bring water and sunscreen.  Polarized sunglasses will help you see the lake's fish and turtles a bit better. 

Q: Are we affiliated with the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve?

A: No, though we are thankful to have a neighbor that shares our conservation goals.  The Plant Preserve is near Turtle Lake and a wonderful place to visit.

Q: Are there sharks in Turtle Lake?

A: No.

Q: What's the deal with a saltwater lake?

A: It is strange huh?  Turtle Lake is connected through a underground cave system to the Atlantic Ocean.  The tides goes up and down too!

if you have a QUESTION you can send an email us at